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Traveling in Barcelona without tips up your sleeve is like walking the city with a blindfold on.

We have the best insider information for you, whether traveling on a budget, staying at the center of Barcelona or exploring the nightlife.

Check out these travel tips for Barcelona:

Use public transportation

Since you’re probably already spending loads of money on air tickets, food, and hotels, transport in Barcelona is where you can save a little.

Public transport worldwide is a means of convenient and affordable conveyance. Barcelona is no different.

The best modes of transportation in Barcelona are taking the metro, bus and tram.

While the metro is the fastest way, hailing the bus is the cheapest. 

Buy your tickets online

Buy your tickets online
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Booking tickets online saves you time and money and avoids the last-minute disappointment of tickets going out of stock.

Not only this, but you also get super-saver combination tickets that give you access to multiple attractions.

The Barcelona Card is one such ticket that includes entry to 25+ popular attractions from €48.

If you book the Barcelona hop-on hop-off tour bus, you get to see more than 41 attractions and stop at at least 20 of them.

The popular Barcelona Go City Explorer Pass is a superb ticket that gives you the choice of visiting 2 to 7 attractions valid for 60 days.

Try out local delicacies

You can truly know the culture of a country by the food that reaches your palette. Barcelona is the hub of Catalan and Spanish culture.

So planning a trip to this city means exposure to all kinds of delicacies and dishes.

Barcelona’s paellas, tapas, tortillas, meats, ice cream and other unique fresh dishes can be found in restaurants spread across the city.

You will find restaurants and bars in Barcelona that range from affordable to expensive, depending on your preferred experience.

Book a hotel in the city center

Book a hotel in the city center
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The best area to book hotels in Barcelona is right in the city’s center.

This is because they are well-connected with the rest of the city including transportation, eateries and attractions.

Whether it is a hotel on the beach, affordable lodgings or ones with amazing restaurants, Barcelona has amazing facilities to offer.

Explore nightlife to the fullest

Barcelona is a city that is lively even at night.

Traveling at night is completely safe and you will see active transport buzzing through the city till late hours.

Barcelona’s nightlife starts around 10.30 pm and you can find bars, clubs and discos completely packed by the middle of the night.

Delve into the world of Gaudi

Antonio Gaudi is a world-renowned architect who has multiple works of art built in Barcelona.

His contribution to the Art Nouveau movement honored him throughout Spain.

Some of Gaudi’s best works include Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila and Casa Batllo.

Each of these pieces of architecture invites millions of visitors every year, and Sagrada Familia is the most famous.

Get to know the history and architecture

Barcelona is a city known for its history of traditions and modernism.

Within the walls of each attraction, museum and monument, there lies a story that is waiting to be unpacked.

When you are visiting an impactful location, all you need to do is take a guided tour or download a virtual audioguide.

Learn about the culture

When visiting any new city or country, learning about their culture is a form of respect.

Picking up on a few basic phrases and salutations will get you a long way in Barcelona.

Spanish and Catalan are Barcelona’s co-official languages and tourists speaking in their tongue are readily welcomed by locals.

Visit Barcelona’s markets

Visit Barcelona’s markets
Image: Eater.com

Barcelona markets are a lens into the local life and culture. Each colorful corner is unique with food, art, fish, fruit and books.

You can also find vintage pieces at a nominal price if you shop at flea markets.

Note: Many markets are closed on Sundays so check their opening hours before you visit.

Some of the best markets in Barcelona are La Boqueria Market, Sant Antoni Market, Fira Artesana and La Fira de Santa Llúcia.

Featured Image: Barcelona.cat

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