Barcelona is a beautiful city, especially popular for its evening sunsets by the beach.  

An amazing view of the beach and the beautiful sky is what gives the weather in Barcelona its unique weather.

The evenings are the most lively time as the city buzzes with music festivals, cultural events and outdoor activities to make the best of the pleasant weather. 

Summers in Barcelona are hot and humid and the beaches at this time of the year get a lot busier. 

There are summer festivals like Holi, a festival of colors, Pride Barcelona, a gay pride parade and outdoor film festivals. 

Barcelona weather in October is hands down the most romantic month of all, it’s when the streets are showered with the beautiful fall-colored red.

Barcelona winters are moderate, with rare snowfall that only occurs every few years. 

The following table gives an idea of the seasonal changes in Barcelona:

Barcelona travel seasonsMin/Max TemperatureWeather conditionTravel period suitability
May to June16 to 23 degreesCool and pleasantMost ideal period
July to August23 to 29 degreesWarm and comfortableBusiest and high priced period 
September to December9 to 26 degreesCool with moderate rainLess crowded and cold beaches period
January to April9 to 20 degreesCold with a chance of snowPerfect bargain trip period

Barcelona weather and event report:

The beautiful weather of the city changes every month and the Catalan celebrate each of these changes with festivals. 

In Barcelona, each month is special and deserves to be celebrated with music, food and lights. 


January is the coldest month, but it does not stop the city from buzzing as it is famous for all-inclusive sales. 

The highlight of this month is the Three Kings Day event that begins on 5 January and ends by midnight of 6 January.


February is the most muted month in Barcelona, with gray clouds and minimum crowds on the streets.

This quietude is celebrated with the Chinese New Year at the Arc De Triomf with dragons and lions from 1 February to 15 February.


The March of Barcelona welcomes Spring, and the city begins to buzz again with jam-packed events and activities. 

March is renowned for the holy week and nightclub celebrations on 17 March for St. Patrick’s Day.


The temperature begins to pick up and April is known for getting its fair share of showers. 

Spring is at its best, with public parks available to watch the beautiful flowers of the city. 


You can start packing beachwear by the month of May and spend your time relaxing by the sea. 

Events like the F1 Grand Prix or the Primavera Sound Festival are the highlight of the month.


The summer month of June has high temperatures with 12 hours of sun a day, meaning you can sightsee and appreciate the beaches for longer.

This month will keep you occupied with concerts and shows like Jardines Pedralbes and sonar music festivals. 


July is filled with a variety of weather, summer is prominent, but rain can be unexpectedly welcomed. 

Enjoy festivals like Rock Fest Barcelona, the Barcelona Beach Festival and the festival Grec. 


It is the busiest of all months, especially August nights, which show a different side of the city. 

This month’s highlight is the biggest carnival in Barcelona, La Fiesta Mayor De Gracia, adorned with flowers and ribbons. 


The crowd lessens in September, and the weather becomes suitable for sightseeing. 

Best benefit of this month can be gained by visiting La Merce Festival, which is filled with Catalan’s traditional and cultural elements. 


With the beginning of fall, October is the best time to visit Barcelona as it carves the most romantic weather of color. 

As there are fewer waiting lines and unexpected delays, this month will get you the most comfortable trip. 


November welcomes you with zen-like peace with its cool and refreshing weather.

In such tranquility, enjoy the company of Barcelona Jazz festival and truly immerse into the music. 


December is filled with the excitement of Christmas and new year celebrations with the windy weather.

Be a part of Fira de Santa Llucia, an ancient tradition which has been celebrated since 1786, a fair that continues for 236 years.

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