What to pack

For a trip to the world’s most colorful city, you’d want to look your best while also making sure that you have everything you need.

Since Barcelona has a lot of religious attractions, you need to ensure that your outfits are not offensive to those around you. 

So here’s your guide on what to pack for Barcelona to make sure you have all the essentials:

Documentation and ID proof

Documentation and ID proof
Image: Andrew Angelov

Traveling anywhere other than your local convenience store calls for documentation and ID proofs. 

Make sure to pack all the essential documents before you jump on to any other things to pack for Barcelona.

Carry your ID proof such as your passport, driver’s license and, if possible, your visa.

For any financial transaction, you will need your transaction cards like credit or debit cards. 

You will also need currency exchange which can be provided at the airport because cash can always come in handy in case your cards fail.

If you are on certain medication, always carry health-related documents and extra medicines. 

Items of daily necessity

Items of daily necessity
Image: David pereiras

Although pretty much everything is available in Barcelona, it is always a good idea to carry your personalized items with you.

Carrying your favorite products that you use on a daily basis can be a plus point as they may not be available in foreign lands.

Here’s what to pack for a trip to Barcelona:

  • Skincare products 
  • Hygiene products 
  • Makeup products 
  • Medicines 


It’s the 21st century, how can we leave out electronic gadgets? 

Barcelona is a modern smart city and is capable of providing you with the electronic and digital services required. 

No product, however, can be more useful than your personalized ones. 

Have your gadgets capture memories with your camera, phone, laptop or tablet along with backup memory and battery chargers. 


Image: Vlada karpovich from pexels

Here comes the best part of your trip, outfits!

This article will not just talk about the basic outfits but also help you style like a local of Barcelona.

The style of Catalans is heavily influenced by the fashion of French people. This means French outfits work perfectly in Barcelona! 

What should you wear in Barcelona?

Based on the weather in Barcelona, you do not have to carry any winter clothes so simple summer outfits will work.

Wear lightweight and breathable fabrics around May to September, which mostly include light-colored clothing. 

As the city has a lot of walking street tours, you will have to walk more so wear comfortable footwear.

Be precise about your footwear choices though, since a shabby pair of footwear can run down the whole outfit.

The evenings in Barcelona are always the most alive time for the city, so have party wear ready for such occasions!

What should you not wear in Barcelona?

Catalans tend to dress conservatively so try to avoid short skirts and shorts or revealing tops in religious spaces. 

Do not wear heavy dresses like cotton denim because of the hot weather in the city.

The use of bum bags or fanny packs should be avoided as they can be easily snatched by sleight-handed thieves. 

Avoid bright or sparkling clothes as Catalans lean towards muted tones like green, yellow or burgundy.

And last but not the least, do not forget to wear your confidence along with your outfits!

Featured Image: Barcelona.cat

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